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The People’s School for Public Education is a free, social justice oriented summer program.

It is a program created in response to the ways that OUSD has denied our children the education that they need and the schools that belong to them.

It is a program that emerged from the struggle of parents, educators and community members to keep Oakland schools open, resist privatization and demand quality education for all students

As educators, we want to create a program where kids can express themselves, explore the world, be creative, and learn about our power as people to make the world better than it currently is.

We are having this camp in coordination with the sit-in action of parents and teachers at Lakeview Elementary that began on June 15th. We are planning to hold this camp on the property of Lakeview Elementary but we have NOT gotten permission to use that site.

We are staying on this site because we know that fundamentally (and ethically) this school belongs to the children who attend there, their families, the families who go to Oakland schools and the Oakland community members who pay taxes to have neighborhood quality schools in their city.

If we are told that we must leave the site, we will safely and calmly walk with the students to the park across the street and continue to have programming there. There are many supportive businesses in the area who have offered us their bathrooms and inside facilities if we need them.

Please help us make “The People’s School for Public Education” a success!

Here are various different ways that you can support us!

  1. Register your child by coming to Lakeview Elementary and asking for a registration form.
  2. Join us anytime between June 18th-June 22nd 9am to 3pm and participate in the activities or spend time with other parents.
  3. Help run an activity or teach a class.
  4. Bring us supplies that could be used in our art, sports, music or social justice activities or bring us snacks!
  5. Give us any feedback on what you would like this program to look like, any changes you would want or any other way you could support!

The details of the camp are as follows:

Where: Lakeview Elementary School

When:  9am-3pm Monday through Friday

Who:   Oakland children entering grades two through six in September

Who will be responsible for your child/children?  Teachers and other educators who have experience working with young children.

What: Fun while learning

  • Sports
  • art
  • music
  • gardening
  • exploring issues of social justice in our communities