Solidarity Messages

CARBOLIC is the independent youth magazine produced by students at Newham Sixth-Form College and at local schools. CARBOLIC has been at the forefront of struggles by students and teachers. We participated fully in the student protest movement in Britain; we reported directly from the student demonstrations and occupations in California; we reported on all protest and occupation movements, from the USA, Spain, Greece, Egypt and worldwide. Today we send greetings and full support to the Lakeview sit-in and people’s school.

Your struggle is our struggle!
Editorial Team


I fully understand and support why those involved have taken this step. In the UK we suffer from the same toxic cocktail of  privatisation and cutbacks. Please let us know how your struggle develops and be assured you have my strong support for your struggle, which is also our struggle,

Bob Archer, President, Redbridge Association, National Union of Teachers.
Solidarity greetings from Newham Teachers’ Association (National Union of Teachers Newham London branch) to the Lakeview sit-in and people’s school. Your action is an inspiring example to teachers, students  and workers everywhere.

Roger Silverman
NTA delegate to the Newham Trades Union Council
on behalf of the NTA
Please pass on greetings and support from members of the National Union of Teachers @ Ilford County High School in the London Borough of Redbridge (UK).  Your actions at Lakeview seem entirely justifiable and proportionate given the nature of the threats you and especially the more disadvantaged pupils face.

What has happened / is happening in the USA has a disconcerting ring of familiarity to teachers in the UK.  Whilst we are not quite so far down the road to rampant privatisation as in the USA, we recognise that the strategies being adopted by our Government are intended to achieve exactly the same result.  Who would not be worried by the cosy links and mutual admiration between or Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, News International boss, Rupert Murdoch, and US private education company boss, Joel Klein?  We share being subject to attacks on teachers’ professionalism,  worsening of teachers’ pay and conditions (and especially pensions), and fragmentation/ privatisation of parts of the state education system with ‘free schools’ and ‘academies’ (the equivalent of US ‘charter schools’).

We wish you every success in your struggle.  There are international aspects to the issues you face, and success for your campaign will, in some small yet important way, make our campaign/s easier and more likely to succeed.

Regards – Nigel A May (NUT School Representative @ Ilford County High School)


Dear Brother and Sisters of the Lakeview sit-in and People’s School,

From CFT Local 4681: The execute committee of Patricia Brown (Pres.), Bruce Neuburger (Vice Pres.), Lisa Dolehide (Sec.) and Shirley McMahon (Treas) CFT Local 4681, San Mateo Adult School voted today to support the Lakeview Sit-in and People’s School as written in the statement below. Please add our names and the local’s name to the list of those in solidarity. We also agreed to draft and send out a letter to fellow teachers and staff at other adult schools urging them to also stand in solidarity with the actions you are taking in Oakland to keep your schools open and public. We oppose the privatization/destruction of public education and recognize the link between the attacks on K-12 public schools — and all public institutions– and decimation of California’s adult schools. Our students are the parents of the children whose schools are being undermined. The state has maneuvered to pit adult schools against the k-12 schools in their districts. This must end. The closure and privatization of public schools must end. The destruction of adult education must end.