The Fight Continues…Steps Forward!

The Fight Continues…

We have been evicted but not even close to defeated.  The eviction was not unexpected and now we move on to the next steps of the struggle.  Going forward we must stay organized and connected so that the next, inevitable round of attacks doesn’t catch us flat-footed.  Join us and build a militant resistance to fight for quality public education.  Here are our next steps to take back public education in Oakland:

1.     We continue the free People’s School throughout the week in Splash Pad Park.  Come by and show support for our children and teachers.

2.     We will prevent them from replacing Lakeview Elementary with administrative offices by picketing and blockading.  Already we have helped organize multiple labor unions to call on the Alameda Central Labor Council to declare Lakeview a sanctioned picket site.  We will be out here as soon as they try to move in.  Be ready for the alert.  Schools Are For Kids, Not Administrators!

3.    Join the “Justice 4 Raheim Brown March and Rally” on Friday.  Rally at OPD HQ at 7th and Broadway @ 11A.  Then we march to OUSD HQ.  Education Not Incarceration and More Police!

4.    Join us this Sunday evening (July 8) at 6P for a concert and rally featuring Boots Riley. Organize the campaign to keep neighborhood schools open and fully fund quality public education.  We must build much, much more in the community.

5. Also, help oust current school board members and replace them with candidates completely opposed to the program of austerity and cuts, and who will fight to repudiate the state debt.  There are a few progressive candidates, including three who have helped organize this sit-in: Mike Hutchinson (District 5), Therese Pecot (District 1), and Vicente Peña (District 3).

6.    Organize to re-open the schools yourselves in your own neighborhoods.



Want to join the fight? Organize with us: &

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