School Closures By The Numbers

$2 million – Money “saved” by OUSD closing 5 neighborhood schools.

Over 1300 – Students displaced.

$1.1 Million – Spent on new portables to house about 80 displaced students at Grass Valley Elementary.

$1.5 Million – Spent on new portables to house about 90 displaced students at Burckhalter Elementary.

$2.6 Million – Total spent (so far) to house only 1/5th of displaced students.

$37 million – OUSD debt in 2003.  Also, the excuse used by the state to takeover the district that year.

$107 million – OUSD debt in 2009, the year the state gave nominal control back to the school board.

$6 million – Yearly payments on state debt servicing and repayment.

$7,700,000,000,000 – Conservative estimate of Great Bank Bailout.

$0 – Estimate of Great School Bailout.

Priceless – Saving Public Education.

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