DAY 6 Update

Dear community and supporters,

This morning, like Monday and Tuesday morning, the OUSD Police showed up to walk around to intimidate parents, teachers and students. They left shortly after 9 am.

We have managed to hold on to the Lakeview building and grounds for 6 days now!!! In addition, today is Day 3 of the People’s School for Public Education. Each day we have had more students attending.

We are still here, after 6 days,because of the massive support we have received from the community members, teachers, parents, students, organizations, unions and media. We are thankful for all of your support and also ask that you continue to support us in the coming days and weeks.

Don’t forget to come out to our daily speak out at 5:00 pm, hold a sign and hear about people’s stories about fighting for quality education in Oakland, and nationally!

Also, help us spread word about the March from Oscar Grant plaza at 12pm to Lakeview Elementary School this SATURDAY. We have teams passing out thousands of fliers, but we always need more help! Please come down to get copies, or print straight from here!

If you are a UNION member, or a teacher or parent, please get in touch with us specifically about how you might be able to get involved.

Oh, and if you want to do some reading: check out our sister blog, We have some of those articles posted on our “Education” tab.

Thanks for all the support and see you Saturday!

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