5:00 PM Picket and Speak Out Daily + Saturday March!

Hello Everyone! Today marks DAY 5 of the Lakeview Sit-In. Classes are moving forward at the People’s School, enrollment is growing as we continue the fight for quality public education!

Just wanted to give a brief reminder to everyone that we will be having a Daily Picket and Speak-Out followed by picket line outside of Lakeview. Please come and bring friends! Hold signs, speak out and get your dance on!


In addition:

We are calling for a March and Rally on Saturday from Oscar Grant Plaza to Lakeview Elementary!

We would like to officially call on Oakland to come together to Defend the Lakeview Sit-in for Public Education!!!  A copy of the flyer is here.

Public education in Oakland is under attack. Literally. On Tuesday, the 18th, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) police and OPD threatened the parent and teacher led sit-in at Lakeview Elementary. We re-opened the school they shut down. Now we need a mass mobilization to defend the re-opening. Instead of keeping elementary schools open, the OUSD claims they’re broke – yet 6 million dollars goes to paying the state debt each year! Yet another example of how schools are run by people who think like capitalists!

We need a mass mobilization to say no to replacing a school for children with administrative offices.

Saturday, June 23 @ Oscar Grant Plaza (14th and Broadway) 12 pm March Begins

Invite your friends on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/195655123893399/

March to the Lakeview Sit-In!

Ways You Can Help:
1. Text “Lakeviewsitin” to 41-411 to get on our text blast service
2. Come visit at the school!
3. Donate!
4. Get your union, church, or community organization to write a letter of support for the Lakeview sit-in, write a letter to Tony Smith demanding that he Re-open or Resign –


1. Don’t Close the 5 Schools! Keep All Neighborhood Schools Open!

2. Stop Union Busting: Defend the OEA and All School Worker Unions

3. Refuse to Pay the Debt: Demand the District Call on the Banks to Bailout Schools!

4. Fully Fund Quality Public Education for All!

5. Demand Tony Smith Re-Open the 5 Schools or Resign: Re-Open or Resign!


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